Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology is the leader in MRI technology with 20 units, more than any hospital or outpatient radiology center on Long Island. ZP prides itself in investing in only the latest technology, like the 3.0 Tesla Wide-Bore Skyra™ MRI. Our 3.0 and 1.5 Tesla MRI systems provide a level of detail and clarity never before possible. They are designed to maximize patient comfort and ease claustrophobia. We offer I.V. sedation for patients with severe claustrophobia, uncontrollable motion and for children.

3.0 Tesla Wide-Bore MRI

ZPR offers 3.0 Tesla ultra high-field wide-bore MRI at all ten offices. The 2.3 ft (70 cm) wide-bore design accommodates patients up to 550 lbs and allows claustrophobic and anxious patients to be scanned with ease. Most studies are performed in under 15 minutes with this new technology. 3.0 Tesla magnet strength offers five times the resolution or five times the speed of any Stand-Up MRI and ten times the resolution or ten times the speed of open sided MRI units. With this level of detail and clarity, we are able to provide the most accurate diagnosis for our patients.

1.5 Tesla Wide-Bore MRI

ZPR offers 1.5 Tesla high-field MRI at all ten offices. With this spacious MRI design, there is no need to squeeze your stomach or press your shoulders together. This MRI has a unique short-bore design which allows the patient's head to remain completely outside the MRI for 70% of studies. The high-field magnet provides five times the resolution or five times the speed of all of the hundreds of outdated open sided MRI units that are still in use.

MRI Safety Video