3D Mammography

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3D Mammography

3D mammography, also known as 3D breast tomosynthesis, is a new groundbreaking technology that generates 3D images of the breast and gives physicians a clearer look through the overlapping breast tissue. This more comprehensive view increases the ability to detect and diagnose small tumors that may be hidden on a traditional mammogram, especially in dense breast tissue. As a result, 3D mammography improves cancer detection and reduces false-positive and false-negative findings. Fewer women are being called back for additional imaging or for biopsies.

Your breast will be under the identical compression of a mammogram. While the x-ray tube makes an 8 second arc over your breasts, 15 low-dose images are obtained at incremental angles. These images are computer processed to make hundreds of thin 1 mm slices, which are viewed in 3D. This eliminates overlapping shadows and uncovers hidden lesions.

Experts anticipate that 3D mammography will replace mammograms as the standard of care.

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