Claustrophobic Imaging

  • Outstanding comfort to accommodate anxious or claustrophobic patients.
  • Patient has an unobstructed view for virtually every exam.
  • The technologist, a family member, or a friend has access to the patient from anywhere around the magnet.
  • Extra large opening allows for easy patient positioning.
  • Fast scan times.
  • Motion correction software improves image quality.

Pediatric Imaging

  • Potentially lower sedation rates.
  • Parents can talk to and reassure the child during the exam.
  • Fast scanning techniques keep study times minimal.

Geriatric Imaging

  • The technologist can easily observe the patient during the test.
  • Ultra wide table enhances accessibility and comfort.
  • Table lowers to 20 inches for easy access.

Bariatric Imaging

  • Largest patient gap and highest table weight limit (660 lbs).
  • Unlimited lateral opening can accommodate patients with broad shoulders.
  • Specialized coils provide high quality imaging.