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    Coram Office Open!

    New state-of-the-art facility
    All new, cutting edge technology
    Only facility with both 1.2T Open-sided and 3T Wide-bore MRI
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    Open-sided MRI

    Highest comfort level with unlimited space at your side
    Easy scanning for claustrophobic patients and children
    Full 1.2 Tesla magnet strength for high quality imaging
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    New Levittown Office!

    The latest technology including 3T MRI and 3D Mammography
    State-of-the-art facility
    Convenient location on Hempstead Tpke
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    Detects 40% more cancers
    Fewer false alarms
    Can see through overlapping tissue
    Ideal for women with dense breasts
    iMac Responsive
    iPad Responsive
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    Prostate MRI for better cancer detection

    Extremely sensitive at diagnosing prostate cancer
    More likely to find aggressive tumors than with ultrasound alone
    New level of precision for guiding biopsies

Your forms, reports and images are now available on the Patient Portal

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